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About The Manufacturing Clinic

Until recently anyone could claim to know what constituted good performance in fabrication. With little evidence to back up their numbers many machinery and systems companies did just that. Investment decisions, fabrication advice and factory layouts were proposed on the flimsiest basis. So we decided to set up The Manufacturing Norms database - a major, new, fact-based initiative dedicated to raising the standard of fabrication and improving fabricators' productivity and performance in the window industry. The constantly growing database includes detailed input from fabricators of various types and sizes and is gathered over the last 18 months by David Amos. This web enabled database forms an integral part of the Best Practice Club.

Within the site there is a free Manufacturing Clinic, sponsored by Status Systems, where fabricators can ask and get quick and meaningful answers and advice from David Amos. From here you can contribute to the manufacturing norms database, in return for a free norms report containing comparative benchmarks. You can also progress from this to a more comprehensive package of services and benefits in the Best Practice Club.

David Amos, Ex Operations Director for BL Cars, spent a considerable time with Honda in Japan learning world class manufacturing practice at first hand. He put this to use as Project Director working with Honda to set up the Rover 800 plant at Swindon. He has worked as an independent manufacturing consultant and, most recently, as General Manager for Marshall - Tufflex Window Systems where he was responsible for several major improvements at Marshall - Tufflex itself and fabricator customers.



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