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We are low volume manufacturers - can you please give me details of UPVC panel (skins) providers? Also do you have any contact details for suppliers of door panel machinery suppliers e.g. presses to create own door skins?
9th Feb 2004
We are a small company can we get help from either the goverment etc, on the cost of training.
14th Jun 2003
I am trying to trace the source of white upvc slide fixed clips which attach to trickle vents and act as open/close levers.They have a cylinder head 16mm diam on a tapered stem and slide onto the vent. The window system is Schuco.The contractor that originally installed the windows has ceased to exist, there are no visible manufacturers names and I am 4no short of completing the contract. Is the above sufficient to be able to help?
14th Mar 2003
I am currently trying to break into the PVC-U door panel production area of the market but I am having trouble finding suppliers for the skins needed to produce this product. Could you help me with finding a supplier?
4th Feb 2003
Although we are registered with Fensa, we have only just received the final pack along with details of how to send data. We have been installing low e glass since july and have also registered with qanw to provide th IBG requirement. What is really annoying is the IBG must be offered on all contracts yet in order to advise on insurance one needs to be registered with FIA (i think the initials are right).

so the alternatives are

  1. give the BIG away on each contract or
  2. pay your insurer provider a smaller amount so that they may offer the insurance on your behalf.

This is what lets Fensa down. We have not informed Fensa or the insurance of any installations as yet. I understand that fensa are behind on issuing certificates as it is. I have spoken to several other people who run similar size companies to mine and to be honest they are all pretty much in the same position, i.e all registered and installing the correct product but not updating the database. Is there any chance that all this will fall apart? Has anybody other than the Federation of Master Builders been lobbying the government to rethink? Is there an alternative to fensa other than building control? is there any action groups up and running who are boycotting fensa?

This is a terrible drain on the industry, i know i'm not on my own in thinking this. If this was France we would have the streets blocked with fitters vans and sheep. Come on surely we can stop nodding and agreeing with all this and unite against it?

25th Sep 2002
what are your recommendations as far astraining our workforce for the new construction site card scheme requirements which are required by all installers from next september if they are working on large construction sites
20th Sep 2002
I am a researcher at the University College London and I am interested in finding data/information regarding windows in the UK HOUSING STOCK at present. I was hoping you might be able to steer me in the right direct. My research has led me to ask the question about ‘old windows’. At present there seems to be a trend if not a frenzy to replace old single glassed non-draft proof windows for new double glassed draught striped ones. I am wondering if anyone would know how many of these old type of windows still exist out there in the housing stock and are they being replaced so rapidly the may even disappear. Any help you may be able to give me on this subject would be greatly appreciated.
3rd Sep 2002
Good morning David,
I have read your response to the question of trickle vents requirements & ADL. I really do not think that the response has given an answer or made the position any clearer.
What do you think is the correct way forward, when replacing an original window that did not have a trickle vent fitted?
Titon are a window fittings manufacturing company & get asked this question frequently by our customers.
I attended your "Replacing the Replacements seminar" which I found very radical & interesting.
22nd Jul 2002
what is the current requirement in Doc L concerning trickle vents?
19th Apr 2002
We are a trade supply only company, with the coming of Doc L in April should we register with Fensa or as we do not fit will we be OK to continue as we are supplying to our trade customers windows that meet Doc L. They are the installers not us
26th Feb 2002
Advice on how I change our factory layout to improve production flow?
17th Jan 2002
In the industry magazines I read about companies who are getting well over 30 windows per man per week. Quite simply can you explain to a sceptic like me how they do it and is it all about machinery and automation?
29th Nov 2001
I can get more orders than I can make. How do I find out what my real production capacity is at present and then get more production? By the way I need to make more windows before I can afford to buy more machinery?
29th Nov 2001
I am the production manager of a window making company producing around 425 items each week (doors and windows). I keep reading in the national press about 'world class manufacturing' and 'lean manufacturing'. Firstly can you explain to me in simple terms what it is about and secondly how do I get to learn about lean production?
25th Nov 2001
We are a rapidly expanding window manufacturing company. Many of our senior people have been with us for many years. As the company grows, we want the people to grow with us and to achieve this we believe we need to:

  1. Set them realistic targets not only to support our growth plan but also to encourage and stretch them.
  2. Identify their strengths and weaknesses to enable us together to improve their management and leadership qualities.

Is this a sensible approach and how should we set about the task?

24th Nov 2001
At my local business club we had a talk about how important risk assessment is for small businesses as well as large. I employ 22 people making and fitting windows. Do I really have to carry out risk assessments and what really are the benefits?
22nd Nov 2001
I Reckon I am standing still only making a modest living and could be better off if I give up manufacturing and started to buy in frames (I already buy in my sealed units). What are the pros and cons of make or buy-in.
22nd Nov 2001
I don't expect an answer, but I seem to be paying over the current going rate for profile. What is the going rate and what would you recommend I do?
19th Nov 2001
I have been in the window business for 12 years now. It is tough in this part of the country, as competitors seem to be able to undercut my prices. I have got to believe they are more efficient than I am. What targets should I be setting my production manager?
16th Nov 2001
I am in a quandary. My current weekly output is between 150 and 200 items (both frames & doors) using conventional machinery. I supply exclusively for the trade. I am planning to increase my output to 350 items per week. Because my strength is selling I am confident that I can achieve the extra volumes. I have seen the representatives from a number of machinery companies who all extol the benefits of their products. What process should my foreman & I follow to be sure I get the best balance of machines and men?
15th Nov 2001
We make and distribute hardware to the general window industry, (timber and PVC). The whole subject of what is now called logistics is a real problem to us. We don’t seem to be on the ball as far as forecasting, determining what to hold in stock, what to make and when, measuring performance and costs is concerned. Guidance please?
1st Nov 2001


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