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Question submitted on 14th Mar 2003
I am trying to trace the source of white upvc slide fixed clips which attach to trickle vents and act as open/close levers.They have a cylinder head 16mm diam on a tapered stem and slide onto the vent. The window system is Schuco.The contractor that originally installed the windows has ceased to exist, there are no visible manufacturers names and I am 4no short of completing the contract. Is the above sufficient to be able to help?
David Amos answered on 8th Mar 2003
I have checked with Schuco who do not specify one particular trickle vent. What I recommend you do is to contact a number of manufacturers of trickle vents to identify which one you have. You can then either acquire the spare parts or, as I suspect you will have to contemplate, replace the whole vent. You can get the names and addresses of trickle vent suppliers either from Kelly's Industrial Pages under Window Fittings or if you have access to The Window Trade Directory (also known as The Blue Book) you will find a list of suppliers under Ventilators.

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