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Question submitted on 26th Feb 2002
We are a trade supply only company, with the coming of Doc L in April should we register with Fensa or as we do not fit will we be OK to continue as we are supplying to our trade customers windows that meet Doc L. They are the installers not us
David Amos answered on 6th Mar 2002

Document L, is to be part of The Building Regulations for England and Wales from April 1st 2002 and is designed to force builders to make most of the elements of the building better insulated than at present. The regulations lay down minimum standards for heat loss through the whole window. Replacement of existing windows is also brought within the scope of the regulations. What this means is that any window replacement comes under the scope of the Building Control authorities.

Therefore, the responsibility for complying with the regulations contained in document L lies with the installer whether it is a new or replacement window installation. It is the installer who must decide whether to join the FENSA self-certification scheme or go through the local planning and building control authorities.

Where you come in, is to provide the installer with the assurance that the windows he is buying from your company comply with the performance standards laid down in the regulations. You, as with most fabricators, will need to rely upon the systems companies to provide:

  1. Comprehensive information on the performance of the individual window suites.
  2. Assurance that the relevant independent testing has been carried out on sample windows and that the results prove that the window system, glazed to their specification, complies with the regulations.

Finally, you have the responsibility to ensure that in your factory you produce windows that comply with the regulations. Amongst other things this comes down to process control and quality systems. If you have not already done so you could consider going taking your firm down the road to achieving ISO 9000: 2000 accreditation. This will help to provide your customers with the assurance they will need. See the article on ISO 9000:2000 on the Clinic web site

Call David Amos or Lucia DiStazio for more information on how we can help with ISO 9000: 2000 accreditation.

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