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Question submitted on 20th Sep 2002
what are your recommendations as far astraining our workforce for the new construction site card scheme requirements which are required by all installers from next september if they are working on large construction sites
David Amos answered on 16th Oct 2002
On subjects of health and safety and legislation, and your question relates to both, I prefer to point people in the direction of the best source of advice. Health and safety in the construction industry as a whole is treated very seriously indeed by all the bodies serving the industry and the construction companies themselves. All subcontractors, and window installers are such, are expected to be familiar with all aspects of health and safety and the relevant legislation and have their employees formally trained. I recommend that you look at the Improved Construction Health and Safety website where you will find many pages of valuable guidance on all aspects of health and safety in the construction industry. I would also suggest you consult with your local Construction Industry Training Board (CITB) who will guide you as to where to receive the relevant training for your staff.

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