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Question submitted on 25th Sep 2002
Although we are registered with Fensa, we have only just received the final pack along with details of how to send data. We have been installing low e glass since july and have also registered with qanw to provide th IBG requirement. What is really annoying is the IBG must be offered on all contracts yet in order to advise on insurance one needs to be registered with FIA (i think the initials are right).

so the alternatives are

  1. give the BIG away on each contract or
  2. pay your insurer provider a smaller amount so that they may offer the insurance on your behalf.

This is what lets Fensa down. We have not informed Fensa or the insurance of any installations as yet. I understand that fensa are behind on issuing certificates as it is. I have spoken to several other people who run similar size companies to mine and to be honest they are all pretty much in the same position, i.e all registered and installing the correct product but not updating the database. Is there any chance that all this will fall apart? Has anybody other than the Federation of Master Builders been lobbying the government to rethink? Is there an alternative to fensa other than building control? is there any action groups up and running who are boycotting fensa?

This is a terrible drain on the industry, i know i'm not on my own in thinking this. If this was France we would have the streets blocked with fitters vans and sheep. Come on surely we can stop nodding and agreeing with all this and unite against it?

David Amos answered on 30th Sep 2002

As you will know, from April of this year, the responsibility for complying with the regulations contained in Document L of the Building Regulations for England and Wales lies with the window installer. It is the installer who must decide whether to join the FENSA self-certification scheme or go through the local planning and building control authorities. Having joined FENSA you will be aware of the requirements that are part of the self-certification scheme administered by FENSA. As we understand it the rules of the FENSA scheme had to be approved by the Government and, therefore, there is not much chance of changing the rules at this stage.

Very best regards

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