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Question submitted on 3rd Sep 2002
I am a researcher at the University College London and I am interested in finding data/information regarding windows in the UK HOUSING STOCK at present. I was hoping you might be able to steer me in the right direct. My research has led me to ask the question about ‘old windows’. At present there seems to be a trend if not a frenzy to replace old single glassed non-draft proof windows for new double glassed draught striped ones. I am wondering if anyone would know how many of these old type of windows still exist out there in the housing stock and are they being replaced so rapidly the may even disappear. Any help you may be able to give me on this subject would be greatly appreciated.
David Amos answered on 20th Sep 2002
There are three sources of information. The first is a government publication called The English House Condition Survey, last published in 1996. The second is another government publication called UK Housing Stock Statistics 2001, this does not give condition statistics but provides details of the stock of homes, where they are and whether they are in private, public or other landlords hands. The final source is our own annual PVC Windows Report that contains both historic and forecast information on the PVC window market.

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